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Vermont author William Northey The Grand Trine

By Vermont Author William Northey

The Grand Trine

Book 1 of A Common World Trilogy, paranormal fantasy

Step into William Northey’s world of fantasy in The Grand Trine – A Common World Trilogy. Book 1 begins the journey to the Grand Trine.

When a warm bed replaced a cold straw mat, George Flowers grieved.

He missed the harsh reality of lessons in the Culture Colonies – the seven replicas of ancient cities built on his father’s private island in the Sargasso Sea. George ached for the reenactments, for immersion in his role of sandal maker, or lute player, or scribe in the royal court of the Egyptian Colony. He pined for the stink and sweat of raising pigs in the Asian Colony, for the salty tang of prósphatos cheese in the Grecian Colony.

But now, all that has changed.

Aaron Flowers, his billionaire father, has designed George’s latest lesson as nothing more than academic memorizations from Plato’s Republic. Worse, his best friend hints that the parties and pranks for their eighteenth birthday will be different. “Prepare for the ultimate surprise,” Glen whispers, and then alludes to the hidden, even sinister motives behind George’s unusual upbringing.

Of course, George doesn’t know that his father has invited strangers to Flowers Island.

One to inflict a terrible lesson, the other to enchant.

Both propel him toward the Grand Trine.

In The Grand Triumph by William Northey, George Flowers is sitting alone overlooking a beautiful vista. Longing to return to his native world, George hears, or thinks he hears, a distant, strangely familiar melody.


The Tranquility of Solitude

by William Northey | The Grand Trine

In the harsh reality of Jiri’s Flowers’ world, finding a functioning piano is its own form of Grand Triumph. Here is a piece Vermont author, William Northey can imagine Jiri playing to soothe an aching soul.


Jiri's Lament

by William Northey | The Grand Trine

William Northey - author of The Grand Trine trilogy

Vermont Author of A Common World Trilogy

William Northey

“Creativity is the essential response to grief.” —Henry Seiden, Ph.D.

I didn’t stumble across the above quote until years later, but it describes my reaction to losing the love of my life at age twenty-nine. She and I had known each other for years, lived together, then bought a home; had planned a forever future.

Too bad forever never lasts as long as we hope.

Though, I will admit. Despite the tears, the regret, the months of mourning, the endless lament of “what could have been” – there is a happy ending to this story.

But it won’t arrive for over two decades.

Books 2 & 3 in A Common World Trilogy

Grand Triumph - William Northey

The Grand Triumph

Book 2 of A Common World Trilogy, paranormal fantasy

After escaping the manipulation of Flowers Island, shipwrecked on the Outer Banks, George confronts the authoritarian world of the mainland and finds himself immersed in a deadly global conspiracy.

Hunted by covert forces determined to destroy him, he struggles to understand the powers unleashed by his unconventional upbringing on Flowers Island. Forces that challenge the very nature of reality. A reality where music and imagination combine to become portals to a multi-verse of limitless energy, and the key to saving a billion lives.

 Limitless energy? A billion lives?

As likely, grand delusions from a mind warped by Aaron Flowers, George’s father. Years of subliminal programming, archaic drugs, mind training exercises during lessons in the artificial worlds of the Culture Colonies – all were designed to blur the distinction between fantasy and reality.

Each could offer a plausible explanation for the waking dreams now invading George’s life.

Against such influences, can George battle his way to Grand Trinity University? Join the Grand Trine? Find his place in The Greater World of the Common Man?

Or will Illusion triumph?

Grand Triangulum - William Northey

The Grand Triangulum

Book 3 of A Common World Trilogy, paranormal fantasy

Three years of study with Coach Willis Buffington at Grand Trinity University has secured George’s position as quarterback of the Grand Trine. He’s happy and living with Cerissa. Thanks to Plastical Imagination, the byproduct of his training on Flowers Island, George can now wield the awesome power of electromagnetic fluid.

But George is also the United Nation’s most wanted terrorist.

By “gifting” humanity with the lethal Recal-DNA, he bears responsibility for billions of deaths.  

As a result, Coach Buffington imposes limitations on George’s use of electromagnetic fluid. He warns about even greater dangers. Counsels George to develop emotional maturity before using his power beyond the safe confines of Trinity Stadium.

Too late. George has already abused the fluid.

Weather anomalies ravage the Northeast Kingdom. The electromagnetic shield protecting the Kingdom has broken down. The university is under attack. Two men claiming to be George’s “guardians” have appeared. They’re not human.

Advice, cautions, and ultimatums fall away, leaving only consequences.

Consequences that will stretch from Earth to the constellation Triangulum.


“A fascinating and inventive first novel.”
—Joseph A. Citro

– Author of Deus X and Curious New England


“In over twenty years as a literary editor, I found only three manuscripts compelling enough to read in one sitting.  The Grand Trine was one of them” —Ed Whalen

former editor, G.P. Putnam’s sons


“Filled with surprises, oddities, and exotic historical facts…crisp, fast-paced…written with a delightfully wry wit.”     —Harry Stapler

author of Pioneers of Forest and City

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